Caroline Johnston Music Studio

Parent Responsabilities


  1. Read the Studio Policy.  
  2. Help Students set up and maintain a daily practice schedule.  Call or e-mail me if daily practicing becomes difficult, I can help.  Stay involved by listening to their playing, positive comments keep students excited. Call or e-mail with concerns or questions.  I don’t answer the phone during lessons, but will reply later.  Parents are welcome to attend lessons, but please keep talking and cell phone usage to a minimum so everyone can concentrate.
  3. Read the student’s dictation book on a weekly basis.  I will send home notes about their homework and occasionally send home notes to the parents in the dictation book with reminders about needs for new books or upcoming masterclasses, etc.  Communication is key.  Please use the dictation book regularly.
  4. Reinforce the need for good behaviour at lessons.  Students who don’t behave will be asked to stop lessons.
  5. Keep the playing instrument in good repair.  Pianos need tuning every year.  An out of tune piano will cause students to learn notes incorrectly.  Keys that don’t work are useless.  Keyboards need the capability of playing loudly and quietly on each key. 61key keyboards should only be used in the first two years of piano study.  The music requires 88 keys and more instrument capabilities as students progress.